Access services

Service Integrated Biomaker Response (IBR)

Application for the calculation of the IBR (Integrated Biomaker Response) metric based on a series of variables provided by the user and according to a requirement of the PRODEA-UNLu laboratory.

Pluviometric Network of the Luján River Basin

Collaborative system (crowdsourced) for collection of rain gauge measurements distributed over the Luján River basin, which provides information for the monitoring of rainfall and its impact on the study area.


GeoNode is an open source platform based on a Web interface that allows you to define and share geospatial data and maps.

Hydrometric network

Collection system of measurements in quasi real time of the height of the Luján River, distributed over a large part of the basin. This application is part of an early warning system of excessive river growth that can generate flooding.

RStudio Server

Rstudio Server is a system that allows the remote execution of R code in Linux servers. A web interface based on the popular IDE RStudio allows users to access the service.

Repository of the User Group of R of UNLu (GURU)

Repository code used to promote the use of the programming language R in the UNLu. In it you can find examples used in courses, presentations, test data and make consultations to other users.