External services

CIDETIC offers consulting and training services in the ICT area for companies and professionals outside the National University of Luján.

For this, it coordinates actions with the Technical Assistance Center (CATEC) for the organization and management of the requirements and with the Academic Departments to access professionals in the different areas of knowledge.

Geographical Data Processing

Many of the data available today have the added value of being georeferenced, that is, their value applies to a specific place and offers a description of a phenomenon in a specific place. The Center has geographic information management platforms, with the aim of storage, analysis and visualization.

Processing and Analysis of Massive Data

The amount and variety of data available on-line today opens new opportunities to produce information that is useful for the improvement of various processes, both in business and in research. However, it is not trivial to capture and process certain volumes of data, for example, from social networks or historical databases, since adequate hardware and software platforms are required, along with professionals who can carry out the task efficiently. The CIDETIC has the necessary resources to carry out this type of task either autonomously or, for example, monitoring trends in social networks or in R & D, carrying out exploratory data analysis and prospections.

Survey Capture and Processing

Many activities require surveying data in the form of a survey, either to project the execution of an activity, to know a target population and to gather information about a process that has already taken place, among others. The dynamics of this activity sometimes requires a quick but effective design of the capture tool (online form) as well as its processing, both basic and advanced. The Center works with survey management software that allows an efficient development of the catch and then offers the main results on the collected data.

Training of Human Resources in ICT

In this aspect, the Center offers the design, planning and execution of courses, seminars and / or training sessions on topics related to ICT. The nature of the same in terms of the theoretical/practical approach is adjusted according to the request of the applicant organization, the duration and the target audience