Equipment for high performance scientific computing.

  • Clusters «Pantera» y «Ra». Equipos con múltiples procesadores multicores, con almacenamiento dedicado y aceleradoras gráficas. Principalmente dedicados al procesamiento de grandes volúmenes de datos y a la resolución de problemas complejos.

Virtual machines and cloud computing services.

  • Servers with virtual machines for projects that require special services that can scale in benefits according to the needs.

Equipment for online services, mobile and work stations.

  • Servers to host online services that support the development of projects, experimentation and platform testing. In addition, the Center has mobile teams and work stations to offer beneficiaries.

A physical and virtual space for research groups to hold work meetings, experimentation and training activities. A team of professionals and technicians in ICT, computer and IT who act as consultants, facilitators and programmers (according to the needs)

  • This team of CIDETIC helps the beneficiaries in the resolution of computer problems, facilitating the implementation of solutions to problems related to teaching and research.