The resources of the Center are available to the entire university community that performs teaching, research and extension tasks in areas of knowledge related to ICT. The assignment of these is regulated by the Board of Directors, taking into account the disciplinary relevance of the activities, groups and / or teachers.

The direct beneficiaries are:

  • Research groups formally constituted, with projects approved in one of the academic departments and requiring the resources of the Center.
  • Postgraduate students who need massive data processing and/or high-performance ICT equipment to carry out their thesis.
  • Teachers of different careers that require high-performance computing resources for academic purposes.
  • Final work students of different careers that require high-performance computing resources.
  • Academic activities that need specific resources for the development of practical work.
  • The Technical Staff, through the General Directorate of Systems, for the applied research of new ICT services in the University.